8 months South America

I experienced life in its purest form.

My journey has come to an end. My last days I spent with reading, meditation, writing, watching surfers, beach walks, eating many fruit and avocados, drinking best Chilean red wine, having fun with inspiring people and reflecting the last months.

I bought a pullover; this is really amazing when you wear the same clothes every third day – But did I miss my full wardrobe? No. Did I miss the high hygienic standard in Germany? No. Did I miss fancy food? No. Did I miss watching TV? – No at all.

With minimalism, dorm rooms, wearing every second day the same clothes, most time not really clean, no make-up, I realised so hard again, that consuming doesn’t make you happy at all.

I didn’t want to see it all. I didn’t go to many places. I like to stay at one place for a longer time to really get it.

To live with the locals. To really get to know people.
I was really lucky; I think because I wasn’t afraid.

I learned so much about life. Every person I met, taught me somehow, every situation I experienced taught me.

I started to listen to music again, started to write again, a lot, creative writing, journaling, short stories. I started to meditate. Listened fully consciously to my feelings, did a lot of inner work. Uncovered old pain, faced it and healed, step by step.

I listened to my gut feelings. They always, without exceptions, showed me the right way. I trusted my journey and I trusted into myself all the time. It is not always easy, it’s hard work to trust yourself, to be aware, to be conscious, to be happy.
I feel peaceful, more I am, more aware of my emotions and feelings, a little wiser, full of life and memories, inspired.

I could find back to my real me.
If you want to listen to what I experienced, if you are interested in my self-awareness process, I would be very happy to tell you about it.

Just come over for a cup of coffee, contact me and I will tell you about my crazy experiences. I want to encourage people to find their happiness, because everybody carries a lot of stuff, that pulls us down. But we can live free and peaceful. The world is waiting for you.

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